Lead: Programmer /Animator/ Artist/ Developer

Ramesh Limbu

I am a Computer Engineer. I have been making video games ,animations and websites since 2012. I love new ideas. I have been programming game using c++, c# and as2 / as3 and I am a front end web developer as well. And I am actively uploading games and animation in redchilligame.com , newgrounds.com and gamejolt.com. In a free time, I am always learning new ideas about technology and gym is my second home.

Tester/ Concept Artist/ Graphic Designer

Umesh Limbu

He is a Hanuman and a body builder. He has a deep passion in graphic design , art and is a great game tester. He has been actively providing concept art and developing games/animations in redchilligame.com. He always brings new ideas and is always researching in the field of technology , business and religion. He is a most respected personal trainer in the gym.