My Portfolio



Hello Everyone, my name is Ramesh Limbu. I am a Computer Engineer. I have been
making video games,animations and websites since 2012. I love new ideas. I have
been programming games using C++, c# and as2 / as3 and I am a front end web developer
as well. And I am actively uploading games and animation in, newgrounds
.com and In a free time, I am always learning new ideas about technology and
gym is my second home.


  • Truesoul

  • Hackter

  • Madlab Architect

  • Buddha Reborn

  • Commandos

  • Cloneheads

  • JellyFactory

  • Tiny Rambo

  • Jailbreak

  • Lost Astro

  • Rum

The Lost Monkey

I made this game "The Lost Monkey" back in 2012 for final year project using Unity3D and Blender for Android/PC within 1 month.

  • Icarus Brah

" Icarus Brah " is my upcoming html5 game. Currently working on it for Gamejolt / jam

paly beta version here watch gameplay
  • summerslam

  • TrueSoul

  • Penguin Style

  • Spider

# Old Project "GetCrazy"

  • GetCrazy

"GetCrazy" is the first flash game that I made back in 2012 in adobe flash CS4 as to chill out my friends during an exam stress.

# Old Project "Cheentae"

  • Cheentae

"Cheentae" is the Oldest game that I made using C++ Builder back in 2010 for minor-term project.